Dynamic Screening List

In order to reduce risk and ensure the highest level of compliance you can leverage our Dynamic Screening List (DSL) solution. When a new entry is made in the denied parties list, your master list of customers will be screened and a report will be generated and automatically emailed to you. Our Dynamic Screening List (DSL) solution truly simplifies the compliance process and enables you to focus on your business while ensuring compliance and reducing your risks.

The Dynamic Screening List or DSL is the best product for pro-actively screening your client base. It is ideal for companies that have many sales to the same set of clients on a repeated basis. Each time there is a change to the Denied Party Lists (DPL) the changes are screened against your DSL and a report is sent to an email address of your designation.

To make changes to the email address or email copy, please send the desired changes to your customer support representative, and they will see that it is done.

There are several ways to make changes to your list of clients:

  • Bulk Load
  • Admin Screen Entry
  • Entry After Screening
  • DSL Web Service Methods
  • Automated Bulk Screening to Dynamic Screening List (ABS2DSL)


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