Customer Bulk Screening

In the event that you need the ability to screen thousands of customers or prospects at once, we offer bulk screening services. We will scan your list of customers or prospects against our comprehensive database of denied and restricted parties and provide you with a report detailing the potential risks that were identified, saving you time, money and ensuring your compliance with federal and international rules and regulations.

If you are trying to upload a file for processing, please do so here. Data should be in columns and rows in a file format that can easily be converted to CSV or Excel. Columns should have Column Headers. If multiple sheets exist, or multiple columns have name data, please indicate which you would like screened, or all may be screened. Charges are calculated on a per-row x per-column basis, no deduplication is done on our part.

Historical Screening

In the event that you are required to complete an audit we offer historical screening services. We can screen your customer lists against historical denied and restricted parties lists and provide you with a report detailing any potential risks that were identified.

Automated Bulk Screening

Whether you have adopted a transaction based method of screening and require a more immediate response back regarding the status of your trading partner, or you have adopted a customer based approach and perhaps can wait for 24 hours, our Automated Bulk Screening system provides an automated approach to handle those requests.

In summary:

  1. CLIENT exports from their system to an agreed upon XML Schema.
  2. The transport mechanism is something we can be flexible on. FTP, FTPS, and SFTP are all viable options. If FTP is to be used, we recommend GnuPG for protecting the data. We then recommend encrypting the answer that we are returning. We can handle multiple keys, but they would need to be imported manually ahead of time.
  3. After the file is transmitted, the system will screen it using code customized to your matching parameters. We email the results back. We can also FTP/FTPS/SFTP a copy of the results to an FTP server of your choice.

Clearing House

A unique feature to ABS is our Clearing House System which will allow you to clear "false hits" and ensure they will not be duplicated with future submissions.

If you have elected to use this system, the reports that you get will have a column with a link to "clear" the match. Clearing a match will tell the system that you have decided that the potential match between your party and one or more DPL entries is not a valid match, and you don't want to see that match in future reports.

If you have previously cleared a match, the system will re-enter the name you used last time. This is a way that we can keep track of who did the clearance in case there is an audit. After providing your name, you choose the "clear" button and the match is marked in our system to be not included in future reports. The match clearance goes off of:

  1. The EXACT name of your party
  2. The IDs of our DPL entries

What this means is if you have the party come back up with a slightly different name, or if we made additions or updates to the DPL that match, they will be displayed on your report, but obviously you can then clear them as well.

Add-On Services