Weak Alias Screening Protection

MK Data Services is pleased to introduce W.A.S.P. - Weak Alias Screening Protection. Simple and easy to use, add it to your MK Denial account today!

In response to OFAC's January 21st guidance on expectations concerning SDN aliases,  MK Data Services has created Weak Aliases Screening Protection (WASP) to assist customers in eliminating these nuisance records from the screening equation.  OFAC defines weak alias as "a term for a relatively broad or generic alias that may generate a large volume of false hits."

MK Data Services has reviewed all of the denied and restricted parties and created its own weak alias list.  Benefits of this offering include:

  • Saves money.  For example, a typical customer should be able to reduce their "false hit" rate from 5% to under 1 %.  A customer screening 100 shipments a day would realize a savings of over 75 hours a year.
  • Saves times.  No longer get hits on weak aliases such as "David," "Mike", "Pat", "Hasan the Old", etc.
  • Customizable - Add your own weak aliases or modify the existing OFAC or MK Data default list.
  • Easy implementation - The feature can be added to your service accounts within 24 hours.