Here's what our customers are saying:

"The fewer people I have to throw into the penalty box for export/import escapes, the better we can operate. MK Data is so simple to use that everyone actually ENJOYS screening their customers, suppliers, visitors, and transactions!"

"I use the MK Denial Data to screen our potential customers and end users to ensure we are able to do business with them. Without the MK Data I would be lost! It's very important and it gives our business piece of mind. Thank you."

"We are able to do a quick background check on all clients that will enter into our building for training. The speed of this service is especially helpful when we have last minute attendees who show up unexpectedly and need to make it to training on time."

"It keeps us out of jail! Seriously, it helps us to make sure that customers we sell to are not on the restricted or denied list and we sleep better at night knowing we have done our due diligence in keeping our company's interests secure. Thank you."