Forced Labor and Human Rights

In recent weeks, there have been growing conversations in regards to forced labor and human rights abuses. 

On July 1, the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued an advisory about the human rights violations in Xinjiang China. In the advisory, OFAC recommends caution when importing goods from that region, as forced labor is highly rampant in the area. Here is a link to that advisory:

OFAC Risks and Considerations for Businesses with Supply Chain Exposure to Entities Engaged in Forced Labor and other Human Rights Abuses in Xinjiang

On July 6, the United Kingdom released the Global Human Rights Sanctions Regulations 2020. These are sanctions against those who participate in human rights abuse or violations worldwide.  The UK published these sanctions autonomously, and separately from the European Union. 

Descartes currently offers several lists in relation to forced labor and human rights abuse, and we are continuing to explore sources to expand our offering in this area. The lists below come from different packages within our current offering.


UK Global Human Rights Sanctions (BOE): Core Premium Package

The new UK Global Human Rights Sanctions have been added to the existing BOE list. The BOE list also includes financial sanctions placed by the UK and European Union, and entities subject to the Capital Market Restrictions.

BOE will continue to reflect sanctions from both of those programs.


US Customs and Border Protection Forced Labor (CBPFL): Miscellaneous Package

This list contains materials and manufacturers that have been found to use forced labor in their operations to produce their products.  The CBP issues Withhold and Release Orders (WROs) when material is determined to be sourced unethically. The CBPFL list contains the companies with WROs open against them.


US Department of Commerce Entity List (ERL): Standard Package

The Bureau of Industries and Securities added Chinese private and government entities to the Entity List in 2019 due to human rights abuses. These additions will require companies to obtain licenses prior to exporting goods to those entities. 


US Department of Treasury Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN): Standard Package

OFAC published eight Chinese names from the Xinjiang region to the SDN list on July 9, 2020. These are the first entries on the SDN list in relation to forced labor.


Brazil Dirty List Eradication of Slave Labor (DLESL)Brazil Package

This list published by the Brazilian government contains companies that are known to have slave labor like conditions. This includes inhospitable working conditions, exhausting hours, forced labor and debt bondage.


List Pricing

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